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These examples are shown to give you an idea of how I work in tattoo flash. The one highlighted with white border (top right) is an actual tattoo I have on my right shoulder. The dove was the original tattoo almost 35 yrs old...I created the design around the dove to enhance the overall tattoo. Check back shortly to see actual photo of finshed tattoo.


Whether or not the actual geometry in the titled piece above is sacred or not remains to be seen. I have displayed this piece in order to illustrate the scope of what can be done in the art of tattoos; depth and symmetry as opposed to mundane two dimensional tattooing.

Please bear with me....this page is being created as I go. Check back regularly for additional tattoo flash, especially in the firefighting area. More to come soon. Thanx!! Paul.


If you have any requests for custom Fire ,Ems and convetional tattoo designs please contact me at....

Simply tell me in your email what you would like in your tattoo.I will design a one of a kind tattoo for you. There will be no copies made and in your $50 flat fee you will be purchasing the design and copyright to the same. Just think of one else will have your tattoo!!!


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